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Nothing beats a wine plus a whine after having “a DAY”. So here are the newest Melbourne wine bars in which to seek grapeness. Originally published on The Urban List.

Rooftops are heating up, but for our money 2016 has been the Year of the Wine Bar. You can’t buy an apartment or stumble into a clothing store lately without also finding an attached shrine dedicated to all things vin. Here are the best new wine bars around Melbourne.


If you drink wine here you are helping to save the planet. Super-heroic delusion is our excuse anyway. ReWine is inspired by European wineries where you BYO empty bottles (or any containers you can lug home, really) to fill from the barrel with a tipple of your choice or even a custom blend. Aside from being eco-friendly, this less packaging approach is also wallet-friendly. The addition of a wine bar means you can enjoy a glass before you commit. As a bonus for taking a seat, you can scoff one of their already-famous duck and mushroom jaffles on the side.


Pull up a stool, practice pronouncing this new venue’s name—”commtwah” after your third glass—and don’t be intimidated that two of Australia’s biggest wine brains are behind the bar. El Presidente of Sommeliers Australia David Lawler and fellow somm Tim Sacklin have teamed up to launch new this wine store and bar. Both have previously helped shape the drinks service at Vue de Monde and Rockpool Group, among other heavy-hitting hospo establishments. So your drop is near guaranteed to taste great. The globe-trotting yet uncluttered collection here is unashamedly biased towards what the duo personally like; Chardonnay, Pinot and Riesling in particular. David says, “we don’t want to be hemmed by a particular theme or whatever’s really hot right now; this is just about what is delicious.”

Wolfe & Molone

Watch out Bentleigh you’ve finally got your very own wine bar. Thank sisters Tanya and Monique Hanouch who want to create a space for afternooners; the practice of “just stopping in for a quick drink” and then – oops – staying for dinner (liquid-or-otherwise). The wine love is strong with this one. Tanya started collecting bottles at 20, an age when the only thing the rest of us were collecting were hand-stamps from dodgy nightclubs. Wolfe & Molone offers wine from across the world alongside sustainable, ethical eats sourced much closer to home.

Find out more about the rest – Wine 1160, Little Andorra, Napier Quarter and Eva on Drummond – here.


Comptoir. Photography by Gareth Sobey

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