Now Open: Dingo’s


Dingo’s bar is a place where Savoys and cheese cubes are totally valid canapes…

Where spent Melbourne Bitter tinnies double as vases…

Where the ubiquitous Bill-Murray-drinking-whisky poster has been exchanged for a propoganda portrait of good old Gough Whitlam…


As much as the new Collingwood bar wholeheartedly embraces cultural cringe, they embrace all Australians (well, maybe not the teetotalers somuch). The ironic bogan-alia of the fit-out hides a subversive undercurrent of subtle inclusiveness. They opened with a traditional Welcome to Country by a local elder, the Aussie meat pies are actually vegetarian (you’d never guess) and there are nostalgic touch-points in the decor ranging from the 1960s to today. The space is not so frenetically decorated as to distract from serious cocktails and a good time though. Mixed drinks are inspired by Eucalyptus trees, classics from the biscuit tin and Alf Stewart. There are a selection of longneck beers if cocktails aren’t your thing; Dingo’s draws the line at serving goon however.


One minor note is that we’d love to see an all-Australian spirits line-up (or near enough) at Dingo’s one day. Until then, the unholy yet delicious union of Passiona and Passion Pop on their cocktail list will keep us sated.


Have a cracker (both types) at Dingo’s at 310 Smith Street, Collingwood. Photography by Giulia Morlando / Milk Bottle Projects











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  1. Dingo’s is the best spot in Melbourne for a cocktail/beer with mates. For those of us who grew up on the Northside inner suburbs, it’s part of Smith St history – just ask Zack at the bar.

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