Late Nights at Senorita’s

It’s the way I always imagined dining at Senoritas. Closer to the witching hour, a few bites and a few more cocktails rather than a full-on meal. The Mexican eatery has just launched a new late night menu of Antojitos (translation; “little whim”) alongside a new cocktail list. Late night hospitality suits the intimate space; with its soft lighting I always felt the atmosphere was almost illicit, like a sneaky little secret. From the new snacks, do order the silky, just-rich-enough Chocolate dia de Muertos with your choice of tequila straight up. The cocktails lean more towards the savoury side – which is very much fine by me – agave, cucumber, coriander, capsicum and spicy house-made ginger beer all make an appearance. The most welcome appearance on new drinks list is the Jamaica Margarita featuring a tropical addition of hibiscus syrup; and don’t forget to pronounce the ‘J’ in Jamaica like an ‘H’ as the Mexicans do lest you anger your bartender and he cuts off your valuable mezcal supply.

Be late to Senoritas at 16 Meyers Place, Melbourne.

Lychee Margarita & Chocolate Dia De Muertos

Pasion Mezcal and Jamaica Margarita

El Pimento (cocktail) and Taco Al Pastor

Tostada de Cactus

El Pepino and El Pimento

Imbibe this...

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