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Eat Me | Never Never Fancy Ham [Recipe]

Never Never’s Fancy Fruit Cup combines their beloved Triple Juniper Gin with Marionette’s barrel-aged Orange Curaçao, secret spices and a splash of Earl Grey to create a local fruit cup intended for sipping in your backyard during an Australian summer. So it’s a bit like our very own Pimm’s. But […]

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Drink Me | Kusabi Martini [Recipe]

Featuring cucumber and a decent kick of wasabi, this cocktail is both hot and cool at once. Inspired by Imperial Measures Distilling’s Ounce gin ‘Bold‘ taking out the Champion Gin title at the 2019 Australian Distilled Spirit Awards, Captain Baxter‘s resident “cocktail slinger” Rebecca Beckett has created this gin cocktail […]

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Drink Me | Truffle Fig Cocktail [Recipe]

There are at least a few good things about Melbourne’s blasted winter. ‘Tis the season for mulled mine, hot buttered rum and fireside sip sessions. And truffles! Stokebar have exclusively shared their recipe for the luxurious cocktail below, for those of you with sophisticated tastes. It’s brimming with the earthy flavours […]

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Drink Me | Honey Hot Toddy [Recipe]

A mysterious gaggle of transparent igloos have appeared in the garden of the Auburn Hotel. Inside, brave Melburnians who dare to venture out during winter’s darkest days will find sweet surprises: your own space styled in cosy comfort, cocktails fashioned from American Honey liqueur and snacks spiked with honey from […]

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Drink Me | Cheeky Gateaux [Recipe]

Brimming with ripe berries including Tasmanian blackcurrants and just a hint of chocolate, this cocktail recipe simply cries out to replace dessert (or at least accompany a fudgy brownie). Perhaps sip a few of these while you bake a sacrilegious-yet-delicious version of Black Forest Cake; sans the traditional cherries and […]

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Drink Me | The Citrus Grove Sour [Recipe]

Orange and lemons. The bells of St. Clement’s… That nursery rhyme was running through my brain while experimenting with this cocktail recipe for reasons that will become obvious. I even mused over calling it a ‘St Clement’s Cocktail’ for a while until I found out a mocktail exists by the […]

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