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Drink Me | Piknic Spritz [Recipe]

Pink Gin Picnic Spritz

Even though we’re dodging rain showers in Melbourne, I predict it will be a picnic season like no other! I celebrated my first group outing since the before-times this past weekend with a pink gin spritz designed for picnicking. It’s as easy as pie to make with crowd-pleasing flavours of […]

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Drink Me | Hope & Sesame Cocktail [Recipe]

Celebrate World Chartreuse Day today with this seductive cocktail recipe by Melbourne’s Chef David. This drink is named after one of China’s best cocktail and jazz bars – the Hope & Sesame speakeasy in Guangzhou. It’s a stripped-back adaption of their Spicy Not Spicy rum sour cocktail. The chilli and […]

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Drink Me | Cottage Garden Gimlet [Recipe]

This Mother’s Day-inspired cocktail tastes like a bouquet of flowers in liquid form! Treat your mum or your nanna with this pretty, pastel-pink drink sometime soon. This recipe makes a hero of Little Lon Distilling Co’s limited edition Maud’s gin liqueur. Though their mauve concoction is a liqueur, it’s balanced […]

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Drink Me | Tropical Kombucha Margaritas [Recipe]

It’s National Margarita Day. So it’s pretty much the law that you have to make up a batch of these easy Tropical Kombucha Margaritas today. Don’t blame me, I don’t make the rules! (Pssst…feeling lazy? I’m giving away free margaritas here.) The tang of kombucha adds another layer to the […]

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Drink Me | The Valencian Cocktail [Recipe]

This cocktail started out with the idea of a lengthened martini – with classic orange and almond syrup cake flavours added! It’s something to sip over melting ice instead of vermouth on the rocks; preferably at sunset while picking at a plate of warmed olives. Try to find a gin […]

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Drink Me | Honeyed Wine & Roses Cocktail [Recipe]

This original cocktail, inspired a little bit by the Peach Blow Fizz (without the fizz), is bursting with romantic ingredients: honey, pink wine, roses, strawberries and cream. It’s an after-dinner drink  for your Valentine that’s not too sweet. Pick up a box of chocolates to go with and dessert is […]

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Drink Me | The Sunnysider [Recipe]

Dark sunglasses. Lashings of SPF cream. A glass of crisp cider served over a mountain of ice. Relaxed company. These are the essentials I crave when the mercury surpasses 30 degrees. Inspired by long summer days, The Sunnysider is a new cocktail recipe which elevates classic apple cider. Naturally, I […]

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