Drink Me | The Valencian Cocktail [Recipe]

This cocktail started out with the idea of a lengthened martini – with classic orange and almond syrup cake flavours added! It’s something to sip over melting ice instead of vermouth on the rocks; preferably at sunset while picking at a plate of warmed olives. Try to find a gin with a nutty profile for this one.

– The Valencian –

30ml gin (we used Applewood macadamia gin)
15ml dry white apera
10ml blood orange liqueur (Ambra blood orange)
10ml almond liqueur (White Possum Naked Amaretto)
a tiny pinch of smoked salt
50ml freshly squeezed orange juice, strained
1 strip orange or lemon peel, to garnish

Add all ingredients, except juice and peel, to a large rocks glass with a large block of fresh ice. Stir well for about 15-30 seconds until chilled. Add juice, stir again to just combine. Squeeze oils from the peel over your glass, then drop it into your glass.

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