Drink Me | Beekeeper by The Everleigh for Australian Cocktail Month [Recipe]

Happy World Whisky Day (or World Whiskey Day if you prefer Irish and American styles)!

Here’s a simple-yet-delicious original cocktail recipe from The Everleigh to toast to the occasion. It’s basically a honeyed twist on a classic Sazerac cocktail. Be sure to use 100% honey, and don’t be afraid to experiment with honeys made from different types of flora to add your own personal touch to the flavour profile of this drink. Explore Demoiselle, The Grove and Tamborine Mountain distilleries for a few Australian absinthes you could try in this recipe too. 

Make this at-home version of the Beekeeper cocktail for World Whisky Day. Or have The Everleigh expertly mix one for you their way this evening! It’s part of their limited-time-only Australian Cocktail Month menu this May. An Australian Cocktail Month ticket allows you to unlock an exclusive menu of bespoke cocktails at 17 leading Melbourne bars for only $14.

Beekeeper by The Everleigh

– Ingredients –

1 teaspoon of honey (heaped, if you have a sweet-tooth)
4 dashes absinthe
2 dashes Angostura bitters
60ml Starward Two-Fold Whisky
1 slice Lemon peel, to garnish

– Method –

In a mixing glass stir honey with one teaspoon of hot water until dissolved. Add plenty of ice, bitters and whisky and stir until just combined. Rinse (coat the inside) of a chilled old fashioned glass or tumbler with absinthe. Add a large fresh block of ice. Strain the whisky mixture over the ice block. Add a lemon twist to serve.



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