Drink Me | Merry Cherry Cocktail [Recipe]

This cocktail recipe is inspired by seasonal cherries and Xmas!

We could pretend we’re trying to up our antioxidant intake via the star ingredient cherry juice…but really we just wanted to recreate something that tastes like festive, liquid cherry pie. ‘Tis the season for gluttony after all!

That said, do try to look for juices with no or less added sugar to use in this cocktail: we prefer things a little tart.

– Merry Cherry –

– Ingredients –
1 cinnamon stick
75ml cherry juice, chilled (we used Cherry Hill Orchards’ ‘Cherry Vive‘ nectar)
75ml cranberry juice, chilled
20ml Amaretto
20ml flavoured vodka (we used 666’s Butter vodka)
fresh ice
frozen pastry or shortbread fingers
demerara sugar, optional
fresh cherries with stem

– Method –
Prepare your garnish by cutting pastry into stars, sprinkling with optional sugar and baking until golden. Don’t forget to cut a notch in your stars so they will sit on the rim of your glass. You can also cheat and simply balance a shortbread on the side.

Add cinnamon stick, cherry juice, cranberry juice, Amaretto and vodka to a shaker with ice. Shake until chilled. Double strain (important so you don’t get pesky shards of cinnamon in your drink) into chilled coupe glasses. Garnish with a pastry star and a fresh cherry. Makes 2.

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