Moonshine in Melbourne

what is moonshine and where to get it in melbourne

(Not this kind of moonshine.)

In case you missed it, I recently told The Urban Listers how, why and where to drink Moonshine in Melbourne.

Until recently, the concept of moonshine conjured up thoughts of Deliverance and duelling banjos for me. Then it started popping up on legit drinks lists at Melbourne bars. So what the heck is modern moonshine? Who better to ask than the creators of Melbourne’s very first legal moonshine, the simply named, Melbourne Moonshine?

Whether you call it white lightning, hooch or white whiskey, moonshine is “a corn liquor that’s un-aged”.

“In the gin, vodka, tequila range, moonshine would slot it there,” says the mysteriously dubbed Mr. A. The duo behind Melbourne Moonshine are moonlighting from their day jobs thus the need to stay incognito at present (I think the old-timey bootleggers would approve). Bar industry consultant Fred Siggins (ex-Black Pearl, educator at The Humble Tumbler) continues, “the short answer is moonshine is un-aged corn-whiskey coming out of the illicit whiskey production traditions during American prohibition in the 1920 and ‘30s.”

Read the rest of my chat with the Melbourne Moonshine creators and bar expert Fred Siggins here.

what is moonshine and where to get it in melbourne

(This kind!)

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