Drink Me | Bloody Carrots Cocktail [Recipe]

We suspect some of you may be craving a Bloody Mary (or its gin-soused cousin the Red Snapper) today. How about this carrot version for an antioxidant hit? You should know carrot “bacon” is seriously good on its own; sweet, salty, smoky and an unexpected treat for your vegan friends. The trick is to bake it until it’s a little charred around the edges so it goes all crispy. This ‘Bloody Carrots’ cocktail is spicy yet refreshing and, sans the “bacon” garnish, blessedly easy to make. We can’t guarantee this twist on a Bloody Mary will cure what ails you, but it sure makes for an impressive addition to a New Year’s Day brunch spread.

Bloody Carrots

– Ingredients –
45ml gin (look for a well spiced gin, we used Ambrosian gin by Animus)
90ml Superfluid ‘Spice It Up’ juice*
15ml lemon juice
Tabasco sauce, to taste (we used the smoked chipotle version)
3 shakes celery salt
Turmeric spice blend (we used Golden Grind), for garnish
Sea salt, for garnish
Fresh ice
Carrot bacon, to garnish

– Method –
Run a slice of lemon around the rim of a tumbler and dip into a combination of salt and turmeric blend (yep, the kind used to make turmeric lattes). Add ice. Pour over juices, Tabasco, celery salt and stir gently. Garnish with carrot bacon and/or a stalk of celery or baby carrots if you like. Sip slowly and feel better.

*Alternatively, use equal parts fresh orange and carrot juice plus a little grated ginger and cracked black pepper but can you really be bothered to go to all that effort in your current state?

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