Recipe: Hot Mexican Coffee by Mr. Black

This is one of the most excellent coffee cocktails I’ve ever had in my mouth. And you know I’ve done the research.
Hot Mexican Coffee by Mr Black.
45ml Mr Black Coffee Liquor
10ml Crawleys Spiced Honey and Apple Syrup (you want a bottle of this in your home bar anyway)
5ml mezcal (Mr Black recomends Vida)
100ml pour-over coffee (try a Kenyan single origin)
Combine all ingredients in a mug or tumbler and stir gently. The best part is this cocktail works equally well warm or cold (either neat or on the rocks). Simply chill all ingredients first if you want it cooler or use freshly brewed coffee and the rest of the ingredients at room temp if you want it toasty. Sip and enjoy the best wake up call ever.
Mr Black’s Festival of the Espresso Martini is sold out. But you can join the Melbourne waitlist here.


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