Bar News | December 2017

We’re wrapping up all the news that fit to drink from the past month into sippable portions…

  • Congratulations to Surrey Hills’ The Dolphin Hotel (pictured, above) – designed George Livissianis – for scooping up the ‘Best Bar Design’ title at the 2017 Eat Drink Design Awards. Nods also to The Buena, The George on Collins and Charlie Parker’s for their commendations.
  • Following on from their smash hit Dior-inspired cocktails, Atrium Bar on 35 are getting festive. They’ve released a quartet of limited time only Xmas cocktails inspired by sparkling tinsel, gingerbread men, candy canes and seasonal stories. Try them all now until the end of January.
  • Forget vintage. The team from The Everleigh have been scouring the world for antique spirits for some time. They’ve now created a collection of limited edition (obviously) bottled cocktails starring rare gins, Scotches, vodkas and liqueurs from the 1950s to the 1980s. You can be one of the few to ever try them by treating yourself here.
  • Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2018 tickets are now on sale. Don’t miss out on taking historic cocktail journeys or slightly soused storytelling!
  • New book, ‘Tanked: How Getting Wasted Shaped Human History’ by Eamon Evans in out now. It takes a look at the impact alcohol (and other nefarious substances) had on some of the most important world-changing events throughout time.
  • We love coffee. We love amaro. So we are pleased that Mr Black has released their second permanent drink; a coffee amaro. Makes total sense since coffee often has citrus and herbal flavours. Find it now at The Black Pearl, Boilermaker House, Gin Palace and 1806 or buy it here.

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Got a lead on an Australian craft spirit, cocktail culture or Melbourne bar story? Whisper those sweet somethings to us here:

Mr Black’s Coffee Amaro

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2018 program is out

Atrium on 35 at Sofitel’s new Xmas cocktails

The Everleigh has created “antique” cocktails.

Write drunk. Edit sober. Read ‘Tanked’ by Eamon Evans

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