Eat Drink Design 2013

Rosetta: Southbank

When delicious cocktails alone simply aren’t good enough for you, it’s Eat Drink Design to the rescue. The annual awards ceremony honoured their 2013 victors last night, recognising beautiful architecture, design and branding across Australia and New Zealand’s restaurants, cafes, gourmet retail, pop-ups and bars. A congratulatory toast to the below establishments that may appeal to my fellow Melbourne barflys. Think of this as your new guide to Melbourne bars that are really, really ridiculously good looking.

Bar Di Stasio (Best Identity Design winner, Best Bar Design commendation)

Howler (Best Bar Design commendation)

Hihou (Best Bar Design joint-winner)

The Prahran Hotel (Best Bar Design joint-winner)

The Smith (Best Restaurant Design commendation, Best Bar Design commendation)

Gazi (Best Restaurant Design commendation)

Rosetta (Best Restaurant Design commendation), pictured

The Meatball and Wine Bar (Best Restaurant Design commendation)

Tonka (Best Restaurant Design commendation, Best Brand identity commendation)

How many “oooh pretty”-inducing places have you crossed off your must-visit checklist so far?

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