Drink Me | Harusaki-Sake Cocktail [Recipe]

Yes, this cocktail recipe has zucchini in it! Trust us on this. This drink is inspired by new Melbourne-via-Niigata-Prefecture sake, Toji. The water in their Junmai Daiginjo sake (that’s the best type) comes from melted snow trickling on down from the Asahi mountain range┬áto the Toji brewery. To reflect this idyllic environment, we wanted to create a cocktail that tasted verdant, subtle and clean. Using zucchini water adds earthiness and a vibrant, natural, green colour and we’ve named the drink ‘Harusaki’ which means ‘early spring’ in Japanese. Wonder if this technically counts towards our daily 5 veg?

– The Harusaki-Sake –

– Ingredients –

20ml simple syrup
20ml lemon juice
40ml green tea (preferably made from Japanese Sencha leaves)
1 zucchini, to make 40ml zucchini water
60ml Toji sake
fresh ice
cherry blossoms, for garnish

– Method –

Grate zucchini. Squeeze out the water by hand over a fine sieve or through muslin (save the vegetable part for dinner). Add simple syrup, lemon juice, green tea, zucchini water, sake and ice to shaker. Sake until chilled. Pour into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with cherry blossoms (this combo of pink and green always reminds me of Japan – matcha and sakura everywhere!)

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