Now Open | Lamaro’s Bodega | South Melbourne

Lamaro's Bodega

With the new addition of “bodega” to its name and a lot of spit and polish, Lamaro’s – the decade-old pub – becomes South Melbourne’s new Latin lover.

Lamaro's Bodega

A bodega is typically a little Spanish wine and food shop or cellar, but Lamaro’s Bodega is a full on restaurant and bar.

Lamaro's Bodega

They are doing the meaty, nose-to-tail thing with produce sourced from the restaurant’s related farms of Greenvale and Cape Schanck.

Lamaro's Bodega

The bar menu is a picky selection of things with which we imagine a Spanish farmer or grassroots worker would be familiar (and made pretty happy with come at knock off time): croquettes squidgy with Manchego cheese, empanadas (of course) and moreish Cuca anchovies atop hearty bread.

Koo Wee Rup Asparagus, Almond Gazpacho, Mizuna

Listed cocktails are limited to Latin classics like the pomada, the mojito or perhaps a Spanish take on the negroni made with Xoriguer gin.

Lamaro's Bodega

It’s really all about the vino here as bottles of Barolo and Pinot take pride of place on Lamaro’s Bodega’s walls.

Flinders Island Roast Lamb, Pine Nuts, White Anchovy, Parsley

A little sherry or madeira wouldn’t go astray in this Techne Architecture touched habitat either.

Lamaro's Bodega

To the rusted-on pub goers: never fear! You can still get a steak and a pint here.

Sweet Potato Ice Cream Sandwich, Dulche, Praline

Enjoy the fuego, cerdo, vino and amigos (fire, pork, wine and friendship) of Lamaro’s Bodega at 273-279 Cecil Place, South Melbourne.









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