Now Open | Aloha Sailor | Collingwood

Aloha Sailor bar Collingwood

The Underground Experiment continues.

The basement of The Noble Experiment was temporarily a kitsch 80s/90s hidden bar awash with neon. But now we’re saying ‘Aloha Sailor‘ as the space turns tropically tiki. For now anyway.

The decor pays homage to 1930’s pioneers like Trader Vic and Don the Beachcomber. Creepy (faux) skulls and wooden crates are offset by nostalgic South Seas documentary screenings. The cocktail menu leans heavily on fruit juices and rum (Appleton Estate in particular). Kitsch classics like Zombies, Dark and Stormies and Mai Tai cocktails abound (al the better to go with beachy bites like taro chips or salmonĀ poke).

If your wallet is feeling particularly bountiful, I dare you to order the Royal Treasure Chest. It’s a blend of 18 rums, topped with Champagne, served up in a chest complete with foggy dry ice and looooong straws so you can share with your friends. Where’s the rum gone? Here.

Go sail away at Aloha Sailor at the Underground Experiment; basement, 284 Smith Street, Collingwood.

Aloha Sailor bar Collingwood

Aloha Sailor bar Collingwood

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