Good Beer Week 2014 for the Cocktail Lover

The Lord Ruthven beer cocktail at 1806

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind the odd sip of beer. I adore cooking with it (chocolate stout cake is on high rotation) . I just don’t think I could comfortably down a whole pint by myself. And so this blog – catering to my personal tastes – tends not to share a whole lot about the brewed stuff. In seven days Good Beer Week will be upon so getting side-tracked by malt and hops is almost unavoidable. There are a few events on the 2014 line-up that will keep the beer averse happy. Here’s a quick guide to Good Beer Week for the Cocktail Lover:

Beer Cocktail Degustation at 1806/The Understudy – weeklong – What’s better than one complex beer cocktail? Three beer cocktails!

Tales of the Beer Cocktail at Lily Blacks – weeklong – Classic beer cocktails featuring craft beers alongside hot pretzels sound pretty darn tasty.

Double Beer Bubbles at Double Happiness – weeklong – Beer + Bubble Cups; what could possibly go wrong?

Hop V Grape at Black Dog Brewery – Sat 17th May – The Spanish Inquistion at Bar Nacional – Tue 20th May – For the wine aficionados; which drink matches better with food?

Beer & Botanicals at The Beaufort – Tue 20th May – Bass & Flinders will add extra ‘spirit’ to this event.

Uncle Cavalier at Uncle St Kilda – Tue 20th May – Beer cocktails go on holiday to Vietnam.

Deluxe Ice Creams at Bimbo Deluxe – Wed 21st May – There will be beer ice cream. I’m game.

 Beers & Tequila Tasting at The Kodiak Club – Sat 24th May – There’s tequila at this one.

Woods of the North at 3 Ravens Brewery – Sat 24th May – And whisky at this one!




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