Now Open: Los Barbudos

Officially opening tonight, right next door to Mr Wow’s Emporium, is Los Barbudos. The bar is named after Fidel Castro’s bearded revolutionaries reflecting Los Barbudos’ 1950’s-era Cuban vibe. Black and white photographs line white-washed walls, while the odd baseball and cigar case are strewn about the downbeat space. It’s one of those places suited to settling back with a drink – a daiquiri, a mojito or a Cuba Libre – and discussing all of the world’s problems while alternately salsa-ing in your chair (or perhaps out of it, after a few of the aforementioned classics). Patrons are soon to be well fed by the El Palador food truck dishing out juicy chicken wings and spiced rice, plantain tostones (like nachos but less boring) and a really tasty sandwich for pulled pork and pickle aficionados.

There is one hitch with naming the new bar after ‘The Bearded Ones’. They allegedly didn’t drink. Don’t follow their lead.

Find Los Barbudos at 95 Smith Street, Fitzroy.

Photograph by Kim Jane.

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