1806 Cocktail Competition

There’s quite a few cocktail competitions held around town – and the globe – for professional bartenders. Not so many for we at-home mixologists. 1806 recognised this and handed over the shakers to drinkers as part of their 5th birthday celebrations recently. Five concoctions submitted by regulars we put to a vigorous taste-test with the most popular drink winning pride of place as the bar’s featured drink until the new year. I thought the Single Ron (Ron Zacapa Rum, Green Chartreuse, Ardbeg 10yr, Pineapple, Lemon, Chocolate Bitters ) was the most technically accomplished of the recipes I tried while the Frozen Flightless (Ketel One Vodka, 42 Below Kiwi Vodka, Limoncello, Fresh Kiwi and Lime) was a sour hit best suited to sweltering summer days spent floating in the pool.

The crowd pleaser however was the winning Little Red Corvette (Tanqueray Gin, Lime, Morello Cherry Jam and Angostura Bitters) by food and drink writer Amy Collins.

Judge for yourself at 169 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.

"Frozen Flightless" by Jessica Cusumano

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