Campari Galleria Exhibition


There’s a little bit of magic in the pairing of Campari with tonic water. It shouldn’t, but the tonic somehow both amplifies and softens the bittersweet notes in this winterised version of Springtime’s ubiquitous Aperol spritz. There’a also a little bit of magic in the Campari Galleria Exhibition. There’s a definite signature to follow across over a century of Milanese works designed by prominent graphic artists for the drink’s various campaigns. The atmosphere is even spritzed with citrus fragrance! The¬†aperitivo hours – on this¬†Friday from 3.30pm and this Saturday from 3pm when complimentary Campari Tonics will be served – are an extra bonus.

The Campari Galleria exhibition is on now until August 6th at No Vacancy Gallery, 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne.



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