Gin Recipe: The Cutlass

Since DrinkMelbourne opened (all of five minutes ago) West Winds Gin has already popped up on my radar several times. Making a mental note to seek out the spirit soon – as it’s wonderfully Australian – circumstance hurried me along. At The Model’s Handbook launch held poolside at The Olsen hotel last week it was an unexpected pleasure to stumble upon one of West Winds’ concoctions. This slightly modified version (different glassware, minimal garnish) of their Cutlass cocktail was just the thing to drown my sorrows at not being one of the leggy Amazonian beauties on the guestlist.  It’s a deceptively smooth drink considering the gin content, as the citrus masks potency. So, next mission; to taste their ‘native botanical’ flavour notes straight up.

West Winds Gin Cocktail recipe The Cutlass

 The Cutlass cocktail

60ml West Winds ‘The Cutlass’ gin
25ml lime juice
1 heaped barspoon Roses Marmalade
1 basil leaf
Shake and strain over ice into a martini glass with a basil leaf to garnish.


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  1. Amazing!
    Thanks for the review, this makes a great way to wake up on a Sunday.
    Please follow us on Twitter or FB to see what we are upto next.
    If we can help with anything or if you just fancy a cheeky G&T then please call 0412 the gin(843 446)

    Bottoms up!


  2. This is my fave fave gin ever. and is fab just on its own. deelicious!

    Congrats on the new(ish) site – salivatory!*

    *made up but useful word

    xx Lou

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