Coffee Cocktails that aren’t Espresso Martinis

Forget Espresso Martinis. Coffee and cocktails can be love each other in different ways. As originally told to The Urban List Melbourne. — We know you go nuts over Melbourne’s unofficial mascot, the Espresso Martini. But coffee can play nice with drinks other than the originally titled Pharmaceutical Stimulant. In […]

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Drinks On Demand

In case you missed it, I recently told The Urban Listers how to get drinks delivered to your door in Melbourne. — Whether you’re time-poor, a Saturday night agoraphobe, or a drinker with special tastes, drinks on demand have arrived in Melbourne: so why did it take us so long to realise that […]

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Moonshine in Melbourne

what is moonshine and where to get it in melbourne

(Not this kind of moonshine.) In case you missed it, I recently told The Urban Listers how, why and where to drink Moonshine in Melbourne. — Until recently, the concept of moonshine conjured up thoughts of Deliverance and duelling banjos for me. Then it started popping up on legit drinks lists at Melbourne […]

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Livin’ la Vida Loca(l): Fitzrovia

G&T with tomato and basil

“The whole ethos here is about local, seasonal and sustainable,” says Kirsty Angus of the food at her all day St Kilda cafe Fitzrovia. Now they are turning the local love towards their back bar, “once we opened the door to local spirits it’s amazing what is out there! Gin is […]

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New Bars: October 2015

Arbory Afloat by Simon Schiff

Here’s a round up of new Melbourne drinking establishments to hunt out soon (plus some new drinkables). — Gin-makers Four Pillars have finally opened up the doors to their Healesville distillery. You can pick up a bottle of their exclusive Spiced Negroni Gin while you’re there. Healesville — Oooh there’s […]

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Overhaul at Eau de Vie

Excuse me waiter, there’s a frozen riverstone in my drink?! For the first time ever the cocktail lists at the Sydney and Melbourne incarnations of adventurous cocktail bar Eau De Vie are aligned after a rare overhaul of the menu. Never fear: the famed Espresso Zabione remains. Drinks were honed […]

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The Rum Diary gets Spicy

The Rum Diary Spiced Rum

The Rum Diary has been crafting their own spiced rum from day one. Customers’ requests to take some home soon lead to a doubling, then quadrupling in production. For this, the bar’s owner Hamish Goonetilleke would like to thank an unlikely source; “Sailor Jerry’s done an awesome job for us […]

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The Best Rosé in Melbourne – Found!

I fell in love last week. She was a redhead. We first met at Waterslide bar. Our matchmaker was venue manager Tim Wastell. They say Rockford‘s 2015 Alicante Bouchet from the Barossa Valley tastes of cherries, but to my (rather uneducated) palette it’s more like old-fashioned strawberries and cream lollies from the […]

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Make mine a…Breakfast Stout Cocktail

The beer-bellied vs. the cocktail crowd: never the twain shall meet. Unless you have a truly ingenious bartender! Alistair Walker created a series of cocktails heavily inspired by different beers from distributor Phoenix‘s portfolio during ‘Shaken Not Brewed’ at The Everleigh for the most recent Good Beer Week. “Our main focus is cocktails”, mused Alistair, […]

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