Drink Me | Kusabi Martini [Recipe]

Featuring cucumber and a decent kick of wasabi, this cocktail is both hot and cool at once.

Inspired by Imperial Measures Distilling’s Ounce gin ‘Bold‘ taking out the Champion Gin title at the 2019 Australian Distilled Spirit Awards, Captain Baxter‘s resident “cocktail slinger” Rebecca Beckett has created this gin cocktail recipe and kindly shared it with us today.

– Kusabi Martini –

– Ingredients –

30ml Ounce Gin ‘Bold’
3 x 1cm thick cucumber wheels, chopped
1 bar spoon of Kizami Wasabi
45ml lime juice
15ml sugar syrup
Wasabi salt and crushed, to garnish
Wasabi peas, crushed, to garnish

– Method –

Rim a coupe glass with wasabi salt and wasabi peas. Muddle cucumber in a shaker. Add all other ingredients
and shake well. Fine strain into glass.

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