International Paloma Appreciation Week 2017

Happy International Paloma Appreciation Week (IPAW)!

Switch your Margarita for a zesty Paloma this week for a very good reason – to support charity: water which is a non-profit organisation that provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Every bottle of Tromba tequila sold this week will donate $2 to the cause (so even if you are drinking tequila in margaritas, a sunrise or neat it’s still a good idea to ask for Tromba).

You can find a take on the concoction of 100% agave tequila + grapefruit + lime + salt at the following participating Melbourne bars: Good Heavens, Fancy Hanks, Cookie, Magic Mountain, Boney, Naked for Satan, Leonard’s House of Love, Anchor, Ichi Ni Nana, Pizza Pizza Pizza, Loop, Dolly Grey, Touche Hombre, Mamasita, Glamorama, Queen Of The South, The Smith, Two Wrongs, Katuk, Carlton Club, Bosozoku, Jungle Boy, Royal Saxon, Carlton Wine Room and Rice Paper Scissors.

There are also a few special Paloma Week happenings…happening.

– Carlton Wine Room is dishing up a 5-course degustation dinner inspired by the ingredients in the Paloma with matched cocktails this Wednesday night.

– Beach Burrito Fitzroy is throwing a “Paloma Bowl Jam” as part of their national Paloma Week Tequila Tour on Thursday with live music and cocktail specials.

Stomping Ground has created a limited edition, German Gose-style beer including tequila, lime and grapefruit flavours. Taste it at Mr West, Mesa Verde, Mrs Hopper, The Local Taphouse, Boilermaker House, Paradise Alley, Beer Mash, The Lincoln, Captain Melville, Heartbreaker, Catfish, The Palace Hotel, Loch & Key and Carwyn Cellars.

So drink palomas. Do good.


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