Coffee Cocktails that aren’t Espresso Martinis


Forget Espresso Martinis. Coffee and cocktails can be love each other in different ways. As originally told to The Urban List Melbourne.

We know you go nuts over Melbourne’s unofficial mascot, the Espresso Martini. But coffee can play nice with drinks other than the originally titled Pharmaceutical Stimulant. In Melbourne, we’re not short of both world-beating coffee and bars. So in the highly-caffeinated spirit of pushing you out of your comfort zone when it comes to the most delicious of beans, here are 9 great coffee cocktails that aren’t your standard Espresso Martini.

Coffee and Rose Tequila Old Fashioned at Glamp
This African inspired bar devotes an entire page to classic cocktails given a coffee hit. There’s a julep, brandy Alexander, daiquiri and of course, an espresso martini, but it’s their take on an Old Fashioned that catches our eye. Tequila and mezcal replaces the whiskey and is beefed up with nitrogen-infused Arabica from Kenya and chocolate bitters.

Liquid Christmas Cake at St Ali
If you want a good coffee cocktail you have to start with good coffee. And Barista Matt Perger knows a good brew. His Liquid Christmas Cake (a heady combo of black spiced rum, muscat, Grand Marnier and espresso) was dubbed best coffee cocktail on the panet at the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships.

Espresso Zabaione at Eau De Vie
There would be riots if the Espresso Zabaione ever got taken off the menu at Eau De Vie and we’d likely incite another if we left this one off the list. Part drink, part dessert, this confection is your choice of rum, tequila or vodka (go the rum!) mixed with coffee and maple syrup all housed under a frozen mousse dome.

See what other coffee cocktails Mr Miyagi, Glamorama, Nieuw Amsterdam. The Rum Diary Bar, The Ugly Duckling and Treehouse Lounge are creating over here.

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