Livin’ la Vida Loca(l): Fitzrovia

G&T with tomato and basil

“The whole ethos here is about local, seasonal and sustainable,” says Kirsty Angus of the food at her all day St Kilda cafe Fitzrovia. Now they are turning the local love towards their back bar, “once we opened the door to local spirits it’s amazing what is out there! Gin is […]

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New Bars: November 2015

Lady Nelson's bar

Here’s a round up of new Melbourne drinking establishments to hunt out soon (plus some new drinkables). — Who is Jane Doe? She’s a new Chapel Street bar serving up Espresso Martinis and Boulevardiers (like a negroni only with American whisky) on tap, that’s who! Prahran – The Southsiders go […]

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Upcoming Events: December 2015

Do More than Drink with Scarf at Gerald's Bar

Presenting DrinkMelbourne’s top 10 tipsy events in Melbourne this month (in no particular order)… — 1. Melbourne’s very first collective end-of-year wrap-up party is coming. And it sound SO much lovelier than having to listen to your boss doing drunken karaoke – again – or dodging Trent from sales every […]

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