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In case you missed it, I recently introduced new South Melbourne wine bar Smalls for The Urban List.

No neon signs. No espresso martinis. No nonsense. That’s the deal at new South Melbourne wine bar, Smalls.

The embargo on “done to death” neon was written into the design brief by Smalls’ owner Jess Ho. And instead of the ubiquitous espresso martini, she’ll happily serve you a coffee with a shot of Fernet on the side rather than messing with the beautiful gin and vodka they stock.

“If you do want something trashy, there’s a pub around the corner,” suggests Jess in all seriousness. “Also, it’s not child friendly in here,” she explains, now laughing, “if you get too drunk you will fall on someone.” Sounds like a good way to make new friends to us…

Read the rest of the profile¬†on Smalls – I was charmed –¬†here. Or pop into the bar at 20-22 Yarra Place, South Melbourne.

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