Cargo Cult takeover at Union Electric

Escape this never ending rain to somewhere tropical. Or to Union Electric‘s version of tropical at the very least! The Chinatown bar is letting Cargo Cult’s rum takeover the venue this week. The small batch spiced rum is named for the cargo cults who worship John Frum (a.k.a John from America), suspected to be a Second World War U.S.A. serviceman who wound up in Vanuatu and promised to return to the Pacific Islands with a bounty of rewards. They are still waiting…

But, as foretold, the takeover has indeed arrived. And like all good stories it has a beginning, a middle and an end. It starts tonight with hospo night for those in the industry. Thursday night sees a cocktail party with rum cocktails and island style barbecue by Burn City Smokers (book tickets here). And the Cargo Cult takeover ends on Sunday with an South Pacific-inspired afternoon session of barbecue pork and pineapple and yet more cocktails (rsvp here). Camo/military dress is encouraged but not essential.

Throughout the week, the bar will be kitted out in steamy jungle style (think ‘Apocalypse Now’ meets ‘Stripes’), there will be Cargo Cult rum drink specials and bartenders will be dressed in quasi-army uniform. Time to let the sunshine in (even in a downpour) via rum rituals and praying to false idols for never-ending abundance.


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