The Cocktail Lover’s Guide to Good Beer Week 2015

Good Beer Week 2015

There is so much more to discover than malt, head and hops at Good Beer Week. Here’s your handy guide to the events on the 2015 GBW line-up where beer happily shares the spotlight…

Beer Cocktail Degustation – 1806/The Understudy – Saturday 16 to 23 May, 7.30pm
Here’s a cocktail degustation that will prove once and for all that beer can be used as an ingredient in many more ways that as part of a good old-fashioned shandy. Expect three courses of beer and beer cocktails alongside food treats. Book tickets here.

Eel River Cocktail Takeover – Saint Crispin – Saturday 16 to Sunday 24 May (excluding Monday/Tuesday), 5pm
Saint Cripsin’s bartender Alan Mulvihill is taking on the challenge of creating beer cocktails for their bar Thomas Olive with all of Eel River’s American brews. Meanwhile chef Joe Grbac will serve up innovative food to complement the beer-laden bar menu. More details here.

Tonka & Mornington Peninsula Brewery Dinner – Tonka – Monday 18 May, 6.45pm
For those possessing adventurous taste-buds it will be hard to pass up Tonka’s collab with Mornington Peninsula Brewery this Good Beer Week. Dinner includes beer cocktails, experimental beer-based drinks and spirit rinses as well as high-end Indian-influenced  food naturally. Book tickets here.

The Mad Monk Boilermaker Extravaganza – Atticus Finch – Tuesday 19 May, 7pm
Thank goodness this event has nothing to do with our “honourable” PM. Craig Eulenstein from The Monk Brewery joins Atticus Finch to present a sextuplet of boilermakers from his beers and local Australian whiskies. Plus six snacks too. Book tickets here.

Shaken Not Brewed: The Craft and the Cocktail – The Everleigh – Wednesday 20 May, 6pm
This one is intriguing! Phoenix and Northdown’s international beers will be recreated as cocktails (sans the beers themselves). And the Everleigh also unveils its own craft beer inspired by the classic Manhattan created with Dainton Brewery. Book tickets here.

Rum in the Pines – The Rum Diary Bar – Wednesday 20 May, from 6pm
A Hunter S. Thompson style Puerto Rican bordello turned seedy 1950s rum bar is the inspiration for this event with 4 Pines. Beer, rum, rock ‘n’ roll and beer-inspired cocktails for all. More details here.

Whisky to my Ears, Music to my Beers – Some Velvet Morning – Wednesday 20 May, from 7pm
Another one for the whisky fans. It’s “Boilermaker Night” at Some Velvet Morning. Craft beers and locally distilled whiskies will be set to a backdrop of live honkytonk tunes. More details here.

Feral Beer Cocktail Degustation – Eau De Vie – Wednesday 20 May, 7.30pm
Eau De Vie’s cocktail menu will feature goodies from Feral Brewing Co this Good Beer Week. A five course beer cocktail degustation dinner is also on offer. Yes, please. Book tickets here.

Beer’s Best Buddy: American Whiskey & Beer – The Kodiak Club – Saturday 23 May, 3pm
Obviously boilermakers are the drinking trend du jour as this event makes up an unholy trinity of whiskey and beer combining events on offer at Good Beer Week. This time the boilermakers will be assembled from traditional American tipples. Book tickets here.

Opposites Attract, Never Mix Your Drinks – Left Bank – Thursday 21 May, 7.30pm
They’re calling it a cocktail party with a twist…top. Opposites Attract will dabble with beer mixology demos and beer inspired canapés alongside Quiet Deeds. Book tickets here.

Viticulture vultures should also consider getting their beer + wine on at Hop vs Grape, Grain vs Grape Dinner, Macedon’s Finest, Beer vs Wine III and Is Beer the New Wine? Cider heads should try The WA Beer vs Cider Battle Lunch (cider is the gateway drug to beer after all). Sake aficionados can get a fix at Grain vs Grain. It will be tequila time as well as beer o’clock at Mates from Way Back. And don’t pass up All Things Awesome (the most awesome thing being whisky).

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