Now Open | Grand Trailer Park Taverna

The chinzy Chinese that was Happy Palace is now Grand Trailer Park Taverna. It’s a mouthful of a name – not to be confused with ‘Trailer Park’ the outdoor food truck events – but you’ll probably want a mouthful of their jalapeƱo studded cheeseburgers (of Dandenong Pavillion infamy). Come for the Winnebago and Airstream caravan banquettes, stay for the very adult, very creamy milkshakes. Ice-cream and booze for dessert; what could possibly go wrong? Pick your sweet poison from bourbon/salted caramel, Kinder Surprise/Frangelico/Baileys, Blue Heaven/vanilla vodka/toasted marshmallow or a rum-ified PB&J shake. For the lactose intolerant or the otherwise already-cheese-stuffed: it’s Americana cocktails and spiked slushies for you.

Hang out at the Grand Trailer Park Taverna at 87 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

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