How to buy (& drink) Prosecco

Prosecco is to the Italians what champagne is to the French (sans the pricetag). At a recent masterclass hosted by Brown Brothers, I learnt a thing or two about the sparkling elixir; most notably that you don’t have to be a master of wine at all to enjoy it. Here’s a few things you should know about Prosecco and how to buy a good bottle this Summer;

– Prosecco is the traditional ingredient in a Bellini (which in my opinion is possibly the best way to start your day).

– A good bottle should only set you back about $20.

– Australian Prosecco is made from the same grape variety and with the same method as the Italian’s version (however they are only allowed to call wine from a certain region Prosecco; advantage us).

– Prosecco is typically dry and citrus-y; so  suited well to the summer season and daytime drinks.

– Choose Prosecco grown in a cool climate at high altitude.

– Small bubbles are always better.

– Vintage is not applicable, Prosecco is intended to be enjoyed while young.

– Don’t think about it for too long; just drink it!

If all else fails traverse along our very own “Prosecco Road” in the Kind Valley to find a favourite. Roadtrip anyone?

Prosecco masterclass with Brown Brothers

Prosecco masterclass with Brown Brothers

Prosecco masterclass with Brown Brothers

Above: Trocadero provides a visual argument for sipping Prosecco all the way from breakfast to dessert.

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