Recipe: Rupert’s trio of Old Fashioneds for World Class Cocktail Week

Why have one Old Fashioned when you can have THREE? The following transformable recipe – presented by Rupert on Rupert – for the recent 2017 World Class Cocktail Week is basically the classic drink but you’re adding a matched cheese for an extra flavour kick. These cocktails “let the spirit do the talking”. Fine by us.

Rupert on Rupert’s Old Fashioned(s)

1 barspoon/teaspoon of sugar syrup

2-3 dashes Angostura bitters

45ml of spirit (your choice of Ron Zapaca Rum, Bullet Rye or Lagavulin 16)

orange rind

olive oil, to serve

 crusty bread, to serve

– cheese (creamy Brillat Savarin for the rum, bitey Comte for the rye or chocolatey blue{!} Choco 21 for the whiskey), to serve

Brush bread slices with olive oil. Grill until nicely charred. Top with a lashing of cheese. Gently stir remaining ingredients in a tumbler over a block of ice. Sip in between bites of cheese and bread.

Or get Rupert on Rupert to make something like this for you at 73 Rupert Street, Collingwood.

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