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Introducing Smoothbeard Mead

Smoothbeard Mead

When you’re sick of sav blanc, totally over cider and not in the mood for beer, your “new” alternative might come from the long, long ago. Angus Smibert is on a mission to make mead happen. His mead company Smoothbeard is barely a month old (having just launched after over

Now Open | Entrecôte | South Yarra


Have you been to visit the tres chic Entrecôte yet? The main focus of the new French eatery is to serve up steakfrites (in this instance Hopkins River porterhouse with french fries) but there is much to tempt we barflies too. Aside from the gorgeous old building lovingly revamped by

Make mine a…Ginger Ginger

ruyi's ginger ginger cocktail

There’s more than just fried rice fit for an emperor (seriously, it’s that good) at modern Chinese eatery Ruyi. There’s a short but sweet offering of cocktails infused with Asian flavours of lychee, lemongrass and green tea too. After just over a year in business, I hear welcome rumours that Ruyi’s

Now Open | 400 Gradi Cicchetti | Brunswick

In keeping with the trend of opening “diffusion” restaurant spaces, 400 Gradi’s Johnny di Franceso has opened his Venetian 400 Gradi Cicchetti late last year, right next door to the original on the Brunswick end of Lygon. For the unfamiliar, a cicchetti bar is basically the Italian version of a tapas

Make mine a…Henry Thoreau

Fred Siggins for Wine Republic

Created by bartender Fred Siggins of Black Pearl from Wine Republic’s craft spirits collection, this drink is named after American writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau but I can’t guarantee drinking it will make you any more cerebral. You may want to skip dessert for this (or have both, I

The 12 Drinks of Christmas

At Misty bar

It’s beginning to look a lot like…cocktails. Hopefully your jingle bells are well and truly on by now. If not, here are 12 of the best Christmas cocktails around Melbourne and where to find them. The Magic Pudding at Misty Hennessey VS Cognac. Pedro Ximenez, Falernum, Chartuese They say the

Make mine a…Raicilla Shandy


Inspired by Wine Republic founder Fiona’s favourite summer cocktail and said bottle shop’s new collection of craft spirits, Fred Siggins from Black Pearl created this ‘Raicilla Shandy’. “Shandies are a great Australian tradition. I tend to judge a venue on whether or not they’re happy to make you a shandy; if

The 11 Coolest Summer Cocktails in Melbourne

The Como by Seaplane at Chiara

In case you missed it, I recently found 11 places to find booze in super-chilled or frozen form for The Urban List. Read on to find out how to stay cool this Summer in Melbourne… — The heat is on. Or at least it will be… So we’ve found the Melbourne

Make mine a…Gingerbread Woman


I was asked by a friend to make gingerbread martinis for a gathering but I’ve yet to find a drink in a recipe book or bar that really captures the headily spiced toothiness of proper old-fashioned-gingerbread. So I decided to concoct my own tipple! Since I protest at calling anything without a

Wine Republic gets Crafty


I must admit bottle shops are like Mecca to me. I can get lost wandering the aisles, reading the backs of bottles and admiring pretty labels that – when smartly designed – seem like miniature works of art. My feet gravitate towards the unfamiliar treasures that provide a tiny glimpse