Lily’s in a Pickle

You may have heard of or experienced – a Boilermaker; a shot with beer chaser. Lily Black’s has now warped this party-starting idea by introducing a ‘Picklemaker’ menu. The concept was partially sparked by a drink dubbed the ‘Pickleback’, a Brooklyn-based trend of whiskey (typically Jameson’s) and pickle brine chaser that has caught on here in the past few years. Some may argue it’s a bartender prank, while the daring, savoury-toothed among us just lick their lips and order another. Lily’s version is rather gourmet. Shots of the classic cucumber, beetroot, onion or carrot pickles all infused with various spices, aromatics and herbs are matched with bourbon, gin, rum or whatever takes your fancy. A picklemaker experience totally counts as one of my five daily veg right?

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